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Q: How does a client know that the Manuka Honey they purchase is true to label ?

A: Each purchase of Manuka honey of one pallet or more comes complete with Certification by the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries confirming the detailed technical specification of the Manuka Honey.

Q: Do you supply all UMF/MGO grades of Manuka Honey?

A: Yes we supply all Certified UMF/MGO grades of Manuka Honey.


Q: Do Zealex Ltd offer Trade Assurance for buyers of their Manuka Honey and other Honey bee products?
A: Yes we offer Trade Assurance to select buyers of our products.


Q: Is your operation’s location suitable for Manuka honey supply and export?
A: Yes our operation is located in the key wild Manuka forest & honey collection region leading into the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.


Q: Can I have a product made in my own brand?

A: Yes you can. We custom process and pack to meet your specific requirements.


Q: Can I send to New Zealand the blend of

functional ingredients, herbs or spices I want in my honey?
A: Yes you can. We specially process to meet your



Neil Butler
Zealex Ltd

Wapp: +64 27 242 0000 

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