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Sales & Marketing

Zealex are focused on developing and supporting worldwide customers specific requirements for Manuka honey, native tree honeys and functional honey bee products.

We concentrate on developing long-term business.

We Specialise...

 in the custom blending and supply
of Manuka honey packed in bulk 300kg drums, 25kg pails, 250 & 500 gram jars.

Our Manuka honey covers a range of certified UMF grades from 5+ to 22+.

Zealex also supply Manuka honey powder in a range of grades to suit customer requirements.

Bulk Honey

Bulk Manuka Honey packed and exported in Drums and Pails is purchased for re-packing into
retail jars in the customer’s packing plants or for sale to Industrial manufacturers and Bakeries as an
Ingredient or into the Food Service sector.


We load sea containers at our facility, full capacity being 83 x 300 kg drums per 20 ft fcl. We can also load
part containers for sea freight from our local port. Additionally we palletise drums for loading as airfreight.

These drums are suited to volume users and packers of Manuka honey.

We note recently a trend where some retail customers prefer honey to be retail packed in the country of origin. In particular, Manuka honey which is only available and genuinely certified  from New Zealand. 

Health & Wellbeing

We have developed a range of functional honey; flavoured with Turmeric, Ginger, Chilli and
Cinnamon. As well as a range of Manuka honey gummies, royal jelly bee tonic & Manuka drink.
Enquiries are welcome.

We are happy to collaborate and form partnerships with other business parties, importers, food
manufacturers, packers and brand owners to meet a range of market demands.

Manuka honey from New Zealand is unique to the world with a wide range of valuable health
benefits which are increasingly recognised internationally. There are other New Zealand native tree
honey that also are unique and offer opportunity. We note that New Zealand Manuka honey is
certainly not the same product as Australian Manuka honey and has a number of differences.
Zealex are seeking partners in a number of countries in; Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA to work
collaboratively with them on developing sales for both bulk and retail packed UMF 5+ to 22+
Manuka Honey and other NZ Honeys and Bee products.

Our Capabilites

Cool and Dry storage
We have a 1,000 MT cold store and 500 MT dry store on site at our processing plant in the Bay of Plenty. 
Processing unit
The processing unit is capable of bulk blending 24 MT of export honey per week and 10,000 plus jars per day.

Process and Export Licenses
We have an MPI export license that allows us to link our honey export certificates to the MPI certified RMP eligibility & traceability documentation for Manuka honey and other NZ honey. We have an MPI registered & audited food control plan that allows us to process and export honey blended with functional foods. We source fully validated key ingredients and blend with honey to meet client’s and the market’s needs. This gives us an enormous capability to be able to accommodate our client’s specific needs particularly in health and well-being products and beauty products.

Export facilities

We have a 2,500 m2 export processing facility including container loading and devanning capability for export approved loading and unloading.

Proximity to Export
We are only 80km to the Tauranga airport or export port in the Bay of Plenty.

We Offer

 Sea freight - FCL or part FCL loading export port NZ 

Airfreight - as per client request loading Tauranga & Auckland Airports

Our Support

We provide full customer support from our base in the key Wild Manuka Forest and Honey
Collection region leading into the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
We can provide details of our whole operation from bee sites, to extraction, formulation, packing,
and export.
If you have particular technical requirements relating to pure honey and honey products and bee
products, we are happy to assist with independent laboratory analysis and our factory facilities. We
Custom blend and process and pack honey to meet client’s specific requirements for product type
and packaging.

Neil Butler
Zealex Ltd

 Wapp: +64 27 242 0000 

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