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Quality Assurance & Traceability of Export
Manuka Honey and Native Tree Honey

Zealex and their partners operate honey handling from the hive and also receipt into the MPI export
registered honey storage and processing premises, under very strict Government MPI audited
standards. This strict set of export honey standards ensures we maintain strict traceability and
assurance of quality of Manuka honey from hive to your pack.

Zealex records on every container, bulk drum, pail, or retail jar a batch number which connects to the Government MPI certified eligibility documents that certify the origin,

traceability and identity of the Manuka honey.


Zealex have MPI certification for exporting honey and link to MPI certified licenses and endorsements that are held as assurances of their capability and importantly the purity and the origin of each batch of Manuka honey. Zealex have their Manuka honey grade and quality independently verified by an independent laboratory with analysis reports to validate that the honey is genuinely the grade that has been offered to the client.

Trade Assurance
Zealex Ltd offer Trade Assurance to genuine volume Buyers of their Manuka Honey, other
NZ Honeys, and Honey and Bee Products. This is a very Special feature of conducting
business with and purchasing products from Zealex Ltd. 

Trade Assurance Certificate
Zealex Ltd offer trade assurance to genuine volume buyers of their Manuka honey, NZ honeys, and bee products. To fully support the client buyer and to guarantee Zealex Ltd’s product delivery and quality, as is offered under a signed sale contract, we specially offer trade assurance. We have a trade assurance certificate that we can provide the buyer a copy of. This assists greatly to develop smooth trade transactions from the first purchase of our products by the buyer. This assurance has significant positive effect on the quick development of confidence and trust.

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